Łódź (Lodz)

Lodz is the third-largest city of Poland. Post industrial character of this place gives it a special flavor. After moving to this location about one year ago, I have managed to take some pictures to share. The work is ongoing.

Gate (Lodz)

A Piece of Architecture (Lodz)

Piotrkowska Str View (Lodz)

Hotel Grand (Lodz)

Brick Wall (Lodz)

Sunrise at Piotrkowska (Lodz)

pl Wolnosci (Lodz)

Piotrkowska Str. (Lodz

Teddy Bear “Uszatek” (Lodz)

Holy Spirit Church (Lodz)

Crossing (Lodz)

Reflection (Holy Spirit Church in Lodz)

Umbrella Lamps (Lodz)