“Heads” (Rome)

Old Polish Motorbike (Eastern Poland)

Fireplug (Poznan)

Balcony (Rome)

Railing (Warsaw)

Roof (Torun)

Green Motives (Lublin)

Flying Hearts (Lublin)

“The Wall of Fish” (Lublin)

Meadow (Eastern Poland)

Dog “Urwis” (Eastern Poland)

Booth (Krakow)

Philip the Apostle (Krakow)

Spire in the Evening (Krakow)

Sidewalk at Dawn (Poznan)

Blue Railing (Warsaw)

Flowers (Lodz)

Cozy Place (Poznan)

Bits and Pieces

I love travels. Although a good picture can be taken literally at home, being away motivates and gets me more focused.