Stairs (Metro Politechnika – Warsaw)

Lines and Windows (Poznan)

Nook (Siedlce)

Roof (Warsaw)

Church of the Savior (Warsaw)

Pattern of the Street (Warsaw)

Lights and Shadows (Warsaw)

Stairs – Side View (Warsaw)

Balconies (Warsaw)

Grass and Stairs (Katowice)

Glass Wall (Warsaw)

Block (Warsaw)

Two Windows (Lodz)

Gradient (Poznan)

Lines (Warsaw)

Urban View (Warsaw)

“Manhattan” Estate (Lodz)

Perspective (Lodz)

Packed (Bydgoszcz)

Maze (Lodz)

Pharmacy (Lodz)

Urban Compositions

Urban landscapes are full of various lines and regular patterns. They attract me, because they give me an opportunity to find visual harmony and noticeable rythm.