It is great to produce something out of nothing! This time, during my city walk with the camera, I found a bunch of common yellow flowers struggling for space in concrete. In fact such flowers were everywhere around, but I saw something special in this particular view.

The Spring has come, so it is an obvious opportunity to take some shots.

I am still in Łódź, this time a photo taken in the centre of the city. I like how the light reflects from the walls, and the gate looks also interesting. Yep, I like this image.

I have just changed my place of living, it is Łódź now, so there was a great occasion to go around neighborhood with my camera and take some shots. The one attached depicts an element of a wall – it was the wall of the grocery store nearby.

I would like to share two pictures that I have taken in Sandomierz, a small Polish town. My favorite motive was a little house pushed between two bigger ones that is depicted in the picture no. 2.

It is almost Christmas but the Winter season in Poland is bit disappointing. Anyway there is still some time for snow to appear. By now I am presenting two pictures taken during today’s walk. It made me completely wet, but my spirit was high:)

I met Vitalij in the Centre of Warsaw. He is from Ukraine/Germany, travels round Europe playing the guitar.

Yesterday the “Supermoon” was visible in the Night Sky. I was very happy that the cloud coverage is not dense enough to hide it completely, but, on the other hand, that there are some clouds visible, to make the picture more attractive.

My time in Kazimierz Dolny was great. It is a small town of central eastern Poland, a place that attracts painters, sculpturers, photographers. Located at Vistula River bank is mostly over-crawded in summer time. Now was the perfect opportunity to visit it and take some shots in the foggy November.

This picture has been taken in Ochota, a district of Warsaw, which is not a very touristic place. I find the external staircase visually attractive, as it consist of multiple parallel elements and noticable lines. There is also a sign, that directs the viewer back “to Earth”.