Jakub Goss

Warsaw, Poland

Urban composition is about the city and geometry. Although it is artificial in its subject and form, it gives a pleasing feeling of harmony. – Jakub Goss

My name is Jakub Goss (born 1980) and I am an amateur photographer from Poland. I am interested in various types of pictures, but most of all "urban compositions" - black and white frames with vivid lines and shapes abstracted from urban landscape. City patterns attract me much, as they are manifestations of pure photographic rhythm. My pictures create a link between art and geometry, obviously well known and practiced by others long before. Anyway I believe that I have managed to work out my own style and I can show something interesting to public - that's why this website has been created.
My another gallery is devoted to "Forgotten" - photos that depict objects with soul, objects that are "passing away". Photography freezes the time, preserves fragile things. Again, a question emerges: is my work somehow first or is just repetition of what has already been made?
I hope I can present something that is attractive, even if not always original, pioneering. After all it is the matter of visual pleasure, fun or surprise. So, enjoy my photographs!